Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Four Keys to Financial Success

by Dr. Robert L. Lawson:

Ben Franklin was right when he made the following statement: “Money makes money and the money that money makes makes money.”

Obviously, inheriting money is one of the most powerful ways to influence decision-making and generate revenue in excess of expenditures. When one becomes a member of the TDT organization, suddenly, they are exposed to a wide variety of minds that have extensive experience on tips, ideas and strategies that can be used effectively to grow additional dollars that can quickly enhance one’s economic portfolio.
The four keys to greater financial success are as follows:
It’s called the ESIE system (easy).

EARN - First Key- Generating revenue by having a job or through the development and ownership of a business is certainly a powerful way to improve one’s financial prowess in the economic world especially during the era of pandemic pandemonium and paralysis. Though numerous jobs have been lost and businesses closed, it still operates as the beacon of light shining through the void of darkness that has gripped our nation and the world. 

SAVE - Even though it’s a hard thing to do, it’s a hurdle that one must climb over and a habit that one must develop in order to accumulate a decent sum of money in order to obtain the flexibility one must have in order to explore other financial diversification opportunities. It’s the variable that leads to economic power. Saving is indeed a most powerful key in the future progression of the economic engine. 

INVEST - It’s the third and perhaps one of the most powerful keys to consider in the economic equation. It is imperative that you explore the current options that are available to you right now whether it be The Real Estate Industry, the cryptocurrency market, the traditional stock market, Forex, a new business project via an innovative start-up company, or other, now is the exact time to pursue these endeavors. Even in this economic travesty millionaires are being created as this article is being written. It’s always the innovators who are out doing instead of sticking their heads in the sand and brooding. The risk-takers may lose money it is true but many of them win because they don’t give up when they experience financial setbacks. 

And finally, the last financial key is ELIMINATE DEBT. Perhaps the one culprit that administers the largest chokehold on the American Consumer is the stranglehold of debt, whether it’s a student loan, a couple of credit cards that have high interest rates, a mortgage whose payment is tough to meet, the hold must eventually be removed by transferring high interest balances to cards that have lower or zero rates, looking at opportunities to consolidate loan payments into one monthly amount where the burden of debt becomes more manageable or other, these avenues must be aggressively explored so that your economic burden gets resolved in an effort to free up your hard-earned money so you can use it more effectively to expand your revenue base.

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Blessings to you on this Saturday. Doc

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Financial Wellness Webinar 7-15-2020

I pray all is well with you. The COVID-19 health crisis continues to impact ALL communities. It has highlighted deficiencies of the financial situation of Main Street families because most have no financial game plan and lack adequate savings.

I would like to invite you to a Zoom webinar being conducted for Painesville Assembly of God Church where Aaron Taylor is the pastor. I truly believe it will be beneficial. Registration information is as follows:

When: July 15, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time

Topic: Painesville Assembly of God Financial Wellness Webinar 

Please register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar

Thank you,

Kathy Watkins

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